Call us toll free: +1 (406) 756-4867
Call us toll free: +1 (406) 756-4867


Are your rifles made in Montana?
Yes! Our rifles are proudly made in Kalispell, Montana.


Who makes your actions?
Our Model 1999 action is built in house.


Who makes your barrels?
We have been making barrels of the highest quality for over 20 years. Our barrels are button rifled and every barrel is hand lapped – something you won’t find in other production rifles.


Which scope bases will work on my Montana 1999 action?
Short and Long Actions: Winchester 70 two piece bases. (e.g. Leupold Product #50046)

PH Actions:Use ringmounts to fit a CZ550 (must be two front mounts – do not use a rear mount, as machining is required). Warne packages these with two front ringmounts for our receiver.


Can I purchase a rifle directly from Montana Rifle Company?
Our rifles can be ordered through any firearms dealer. You can locate a nearby Preferred Dealer by entering your zip code into our Preferred Dealer Locator. If there are no Preferred Dealers in your area, contact your nearest gun store and they can place an order with us.


How much recoil reduction does your Montana Flats Break provide?
Our Montana Flats Break reduces felt recoil around 50%!


Do you make left handed rifles?
Yes we do! Any of our short or long action rifles are available in left hand configuration. Left handed PH actions will be added in the future.


What ammunition do you recommend for your rifles?
We recommend high quality, factory ammunition. Use of reloads or remanufactured ammo is not recommended. Issues related to use of reloads are not covered under warranty.


Do you have an accuracy guarantee?
It is our belief that guarantees are not worth the paper they are written on. We do not offer a Guarantee. However, it has ALWAYS been our policy at MRC that if your rifle will not shoot 1 MOA or better, send it back and we will fix or replace it.


What is your warranty?
Every Montana Rifle Company Product comes with our “Limited Lifetime Warranty” on all parts for the life of the rifle.  This does not include normal wear and tear, barrel life, or damage from misuse or unauthorized repairs or customization. After MRC evaluates the rifle and determines a valid warranty issue, MRC will fix or replace the rifle.


What is your return process? 
All returns, paid service and/or repairs require an authorized RMA (Return Material Authorization) from MRC prior to the firearm being shipped back to MRC.  Any product returned for any reason must be in new condition and will be assessed a 15% restocking fee. The Dealer or consumer should call MRC at 406-756-4867 for instructions on the return process.