Call us toll free: +1 (406) 756-4867
Call us toll free: +1 (406) 756-4867
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MRC Rifle Features:

 MRC 1999 Action

– Claw Extractor
– Controlled Round Feed – doesn’t require chambering a round to have extractor grasp case head for control
– Mauser style Ejector
– 3-Postion Safety – Position 2 allows bolt to move while on safe and Position 3 locks bolt
– M70 Pre-64 adjustable trigger
– Mauser 98 style inner collar ring – doesn’t require an extractor cut in the barrel or cone breeching within the barrel
– 5-Vent Gas System – will push gases away from the shooters face for superior safety in case of catastrophic failure
– Drilled & tapped for Winchester M70 Post-64 Classic two-piece base
– All rifles are glass bedded
– Left and Right Hand for most models
– Chrome Moly and Stainless Steel offered

MRC Barrels

– Three solid points of contact mating the barrel to the receiver – receiver C-ring to barrel breech face, the threads and the receiver face to the barrel shoulder
– Heavier barrel shank to reduce barrel whip
– Free floated barrels
– Button rifled
– Hand lapped
– Stress relieved barrels
– SAAMI specification chambers
– Over 40 calibers available in Production Rifle lines


– Will customize Production Rifles through the Custom Shop
– Timney aftermarket triggers for Winchester M70 can be fit to our action
– Winchester M70 stock can be fit to our Barreled Actions