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Call us toll free: +1 (406) 756-4867


In 1990, Keith Sipe started the Montana Rifleman. He was a gunsmith who specialized in fixing firearms for the avid sportsman. His own passion for hunting and his technical know-how earned him a loyal following among his clients.


Accuracy is a concern for every serious hunter. To get the performance he wanted for his customers, Sipe built his own barrel drill, reamer and rifler and started to make high-quality barrels on his own.


The next logical step was to start making custom hunting rifles. Many of his early guns were based on Mauser-type actions. But in the mid 90s the supply of these actions dwindled and Sipe went to the drawing board to create his own.


Sipe knew what he wanted in his own action. It would combine the best attributes of the famed Mauser action with features of the early Winchester Model 70 action…and the Model 1999 action was born. This dual-lug, controlled-round feed action formed the basis for the Montana Rifle Company.


Sipe grew his barrel manufacturing company, The Montana Rifleman Inc, into one of the largest barrel manufacturing companies in the world, while changing course at Montana Rifle Company from custom to full production rifles, winning the prestigious Field & Stream “Best of the Best” Award.


Montana Rifle Company wins Field & Stream's "Best of the Best" once more and is the 2015 Mule Deer Foundation "Gun of the Year".


Our American Legends Rifle is the Friends of the NRA "Gun of the Year" for 2016!