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I have over 45 years of hunting and shooting rifles in my background and Now Finally , an accurate, light weight, durable, rugged, dependable and most of all AFFORDABLE Rifle - I call it the " Complete Package " for every hunter or shooter weather at home or abroad  your assured you've made the right choice when toting a MRC Rifle. The CBSE and CBE series of Rifles made by Montana Rifle Company Co. will be making the trip with me no matter " Where in The World " I'm hunting ! ~  My Sincere Thanks for building the Complete Rifle - for Everyone.

For Years and Years, I have listened to hunters complain about Recoil, Price tags, durability, long range inefficiencies etc. Well the Great Folks at MRC heard it to - and they listened ! I am watching hunters and shooters around the Globe reach more and more for the Montana Rifle Co. rifles.


Jimmy Herman was bit by the hunting bug early in his life.  Growing up in West Central Wisconsin, Jimmy was always tagging along on his dad and brother's deer hunting adventures where he eagerly watched and learned.  Immediately after taking Hunters Safety, he was in the woods, gun or bow in hand chasing whitetails.  It wasn't just the desire to take a trophy buck home that was appealing.  It was the drive to learn how deer communicate, how they travel, how they allude hunters, how to listen for other animals reactions in the woods that were indicators of deer approaching.  It was more than the animals themselves.  It was just being in the outdoors; observing, growing with the crops, changing as much as a person as did the seasons themselves.  There is so much to appreciate outside the four walls of a person's home that most people will overlook and never experience because they are unaware.  There is so much life growing, changing, moving all around us while we are on this earth and just knowing that alone is at times as captivating as some of the trophy animals Jimmy has taken.   

The opportunities that Jimmy has had touring with Carrie Underwood has led him to meet numerous people in the hunting industry worldwide that heard his story and encouraged him to become more involved with hunting and conservation not only in the US, but worldwide.  Not only is he an avid whitetail hunter, Jimmy has also hunted a large number of North American big game such as elk, mule deer, antelope, moose, and black bear.   When Jimmy is not onstage he is in the gym training for rigorous mountain hunts, shooting his bow, and writing articles for hunting, music, and fitness publications across the globe.


An unapologetic fan of early Winchester 70s, I was delighted to find Montana actions faithful to that design. A decade afield with Montana rifles convinces me they're every bit as smooth, accurate and reliable. In truth, a lightweight Montana in .375 is my go-to rifle for Africa. It drills itty bitty groups and has a quick nose for targets like the leopard it took in tall grass at 11 steps.... Wayne van Zwoll