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The Model 1999 Montana action takes features from many of the best designs and incorporates them into an action that is safe, functional, cosmetically appealing and affordable. Custom gunsmiths and rifle builders now have an action with features not found on any military surplus action or current production rifles. All actions come in right hand or left hand and in chrome moly or stainless steel.
• Anti-bind feature which utilizes a dovetailed lug and raceway which provides precise retention of the bolt within the receiver bore.

• The bolt sleeve incorporates a Mauser style flange to gases issuing along the bolt-lug raceway, and away from the shooters face. Retains the 3-position safety found on the Winchester Model 70.

• This is one of the most popular safeties today, and by far the safest.

• Retains the claw extractor and controlled round feed capabilities.

• Push button bolt release system that is cast integral with the action offering easy to use one hand operation.

• Trigger and sear assemblies are manufactured using a EDM process that maintains design geometry to within .00003"
• The trigger assembly maintains the Model 70 geometry and is fully adjustable. It also gives the end user the option of installing an aftermarket trigger assembly meant for the Model 70.

• The action has been designed to incorporate the Mauser 98 style inner collar ring that includes an extractor cut. • • • This feature not only increases the overall strength of the action but also allows for the elimination of extractor cuts and cone breeching within the barrel.

• We've maintained the Model 70 receiver ring geometry allowing customers to use any two piece scope base meant for the Model 70 without modification.

• The receiver incorporates gas ports on both sides of the front receiver ring for superior safety in case of catastrophic failure.

• All actions include one piece bottom metal.