passing down timeless traditions

As the Grace family, being a 3rd generation business and passionate hunters, we deeply cherish our traditions, including hunting and hunting rifles. We know passing along this rich heritage is equally significant to our customers as it is to us. Thus, we proudly introduce our Legacy Warranty Transfer, recognizing that your purchase of a Montana Rifle represents an investment in the future, as it enables the next generation to perpetuate the timeless hunting tradition.

A lasting connection to the past

Heirlooms serve as a physical reminder of memories and stories, providing a lasting connection to the past. Ensure the stories and memories associated with your Montana Rifle live forever, by utilizing the Montana Rifle Co. Legacy Warranty Transfer. Simply fill out the form, and submit to successfully transfer ownership of your rifle.

Unapologetically American Made.

All rifles are proudly made in Memphis, Michigan using world-class manufacturing processes.

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