The iconic Montana Rifle Company, renowned for its precision engineering in the firearm industry, has made a resounding comeback with the introduction of its new rifle model, the Junction, poised for release in 2024. The rifle integrates classic styling with advanced features, representing a blend of the company’s storied legacy and a push towards modernization.

The Montana Rifle Company, established in 1999, had halted production in 2020 but has since been revitalized under new ownership. Its latest offering, the Junction, is built around the updated MRC 2022 receiver, a refined version of the original 1999 design. This receiver is entirely machined from a 10-pound block of 416R stainless steel, reinforcing the company’s reputation for precision and reliability.

One of the Junction’s key features is its Adaptive Controlled Round Feeding (ACRF) system, which melds the reliability of controlled round feeding with the flexibility of a push-feed rifle’s loading capabilities. This innovative design allows shooters to either feed rounds from the magazine in a controlled manner or directly load a cartridge into the chamber, offering unprecedented versatility.

According to the company, this combination of features positions the Junction as “the fastest, most reliable feeding rifles on the market.” The rifle is equipped with a three-position, Model 70-style safety and boasts a user-adjustable trigger that can be set down to 2 pounds, catering to the preferences of individual shooters.

The Junction’s aesthetics and ergonomics are equally impressive. It boasts a checkered walnut Monte Carlo stock, completed with a patented aluminum rail with M-Lok slots incorporated into the forearm for added functionality. The metal parts are finished in Midnight Blue Cerakote, providing durability and a sleek appearance.

Equipped with a 24-inch barrel that is threaded for a muzzle brake, the rifle weighs in at 7.5 pounds. It is initially available in popular calibers such as 6.5 mm Creedmoor, .308 Win., and .300 Win. Mag, with plans to expand the offerings to include eight additional cartridges. A left-handed version of the action is also on the horizon, ensuring that the Junction caters to a wide range of shooting enthusiasts.

Complementing the Junction’s technical excellence, each rifle is shipped in a hard case and comes with a 0.5-m.o.a., three-shot group accuracy guarantee.

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